Admission - Undergraduate Students

Admission Requirements for Freshman, Transfer, Second-Bachelors, and Current CSU Students

Students seeking to apply to the Construction Management (CM) program at Colorado State University (CSU) must be admitted to CSU as (or change their major to) Pre-Construction Management (Pre-CM). To apply to CM, Pre-CM students must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • 2.75 cumulative CSU GPA
  • Completion of CON 101 Introduction to Construction with a "B" grade or better
  • Completion of CO 150 College Composition with a "B" grade or better
  • Completion of MATH 125 Numerical Trigonometry with a "C" grade or better

Once a student has met the minimum requirements listed above they are eligible to formally apply to the program (see below). Students are admitted to the program each semester in May and December based on academic performance in regards to the requirements listed above.
NOTE: As a Pre-Construction Management student you will not be able to take any CON classes (besides CON101) until you are fully admitted to the program.

Application Process for Admission to the CM Program

Students who are designated as "Pre-CM" are eligible to apply to Construction Management as follows:

  1. Complete all minimum CM admission requirements (see above).
  2. Link to CM application form will be e-mailed to students prior to finals week each semester.
  3. Students will complete and submit the form online prior to 5:00pm on the Friday of finals week.
  4. Students will be contacted via email to inform them of the outcome of their application within two weeks after the application deadline.

If you have any questions please contact the CM Advising Office at (970) 491-7354.

Information for Prospective Transfer and Second-Bachelors Students

Thank you for your interest in the Construction Management program at Colorado State University.

The Department of Construction Management offers a 120-credit undergraduate program for a Bachelors of Science in Construction Management. All transfer and second bachelors candidates start at CSU as a Pre-CM major and must satisfy the set of admission requirements to apply for full admission to Construction Management. The program is a restricted and capped program. Of those that apply only the top 100 will be accepted each semester.

For transfer students and second bachelor candidates, the program will take a minimum of 2.5 years to complete.

As part of the Construction Management major all students are required to complete a three or six month internship. Additional information about the internship requirement and the placement office can be found at You will learn more about the internship and work experience requirements once you are admitted to the Construction Management major.

Information about admissions to Colorado State University can be found at

If you would like to meet with a CM advisor to discuss your transfer to Colorado State University to pursue the Construction Management major, please schedule an advising appointment by calling the CM Advising Office at (970) 491-7354