Undergraduate Program

Overview of the Major

The Construction Management (CM) program at Colorado State University is one of the top-ranked programs in the nation. Since its inception in 1946, more than 5,000 students have graduated, many of them going on to become leaders in their field. The program is accredited by the American Council for Construction Education.

Student Placement and Success

Characteristics and Skills

  • Independent, self motivated, with ability to work in dynamic teams
  • Goal oriented
  • Ability to conceptualize complex processes and relationships
  • Aptitude for understanding physical relationships and processes
  • Ability to work with large, diverse groups of people
  • Strong organizational skills
  • Strong communication skills
  • Leadership ability

Learning Outcomes

  • The student will develop and practice professional analytical and problem solving skills related to the career requirements in construction management.
  • The student will develop strong professional communication skills with an emphasis on written, graphic, and verbal skills related to the career requirements in construction management.
  • The student will develop and practice technical proficiency in the following construction management areas: Design/Engineering, Management, Material and Methods, Estimating, Scheduling, Safety, Surveying and Project Administration.

Potential Career Options

The construction industry has become a highly technical industry marked by continuous and dramatic change. There is a continued demand for capable and highly trained construction management professionals who can adapt and become effective leaders in the field. CM continues to boast one of the highest placement rates and entry level salaries of all majors.

In addition to the campus Career Center, the CM Department prides itself on its in-house career support. Services provided by the Phelps Placement Office include internship and career placement, bi-annual CM career fair, in-house industry interviews, graduate resume publication, year-round intern and job postings, resume and business correspondence resources, and career assessment counseling.

Entry-level occupations include, but are not limited to:

  • Project Engineer
  • Assistant Project Manager
  • Field Engineer
  • Assistant Superintendent
  • Safety Engineer
  • Project Scheduler
  • Assistant Estimator
  • Quality Control Engineer
  • Sustainability Consultant
  • Business Developer

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Graduate Program

The graduate program in Construction Management provides an environment that supports graduate students in their development of knowledge necessary to enhance professional practice and apply research to management decisions that impact organizations in an emerging global economy.

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