PhD Opportunities with the School of Education

At Colorado State University, the School of Education has two Ph.D. programs in which students interested in Construction Management and Education will be considered for admission. One program is the Ph.D. in Organizational Learning, Performance, and Change (OLPC), which emphasizes the scholarship and practice of managing the development of organizations in business, industry, government, or education. The other program is the Ph.D. in Education Sciences, which emphasizes educational research. Once admitted to either of these programs, students may pursue research and scholarship in managing organizational learning and development (Ph.D. in OLPC) or more traditional educational research (Ph.D. in Education Sciences) under the guidance of faculty members from both the School of Education and the Department of Construction Management.

Graduates of either program will have the opportunity to fill in highly sought after management positions in the construction industry or faculty positions in the construction management / construction science programs across the nation, most of which are members of the Associated Schools of Construction (ASC). The strong partnership between the Department of Construction Management and the School of Education at CSU over the years has resulted in high quality research performed by very successful PhD students who went on to become leaders in construction education and the construction industry. Some of these students and their major accomplishments to date are listed below.

Please contact Dr. Mehmet Ozbek if you have questions about graduate education in the Department of Construction Management at CSU.

Name Graduation Year Where are they now?
Dr. Ben Bigelow 2012 Associate Professor at University of Oklahoma
Dr. Jay Cristofferson 1996 Professor and former department head at Brigham Young University, past president of ASC
Dr. Jon Elliott 2013 Assistant professor at CSU
Dr. Scott Glick 2007 Associate professor at CSU, ASC Regional Director
Dr. David Gunderson 2005 Associate professor at Washington State University, Editor-in-Chief at International Journal of Construction Education and Research, Second VP of ASC
Dr. Francois Jacobs 2010 Department Chair of Business Programs, Career Technical Programs (CTE) & Cosmetology at Northeasern Junior College
Dr. Brad Johnson 2006 Director of training and development at Municipal Group of Companies in Canada
Dr. Jeni Moore 2006 Director of continuous improvement and training at Hensel Phelps Construction Company
Dr. Mary Nobe 2007 Assistant professor at CSU
Mr. Dale Porter PhD Candidate Assistant professor at University of Nebraska-Kearney