Endowed Chairs

Endowed chairs ensure that our students continually receive a superior education that is uniquely connected with the construction industry.


  • Ensure that the construction management curriculum is dynamic and responsive to the needs of our industry and our community
  • Establish endowed chairs filled by experienced industry leaders that engage our students and connect our department with each industry sector
  • No Ph.D. requirements
  • Directly impact our students
  • Flexible commitment
  • Teach and mentor
  • Give back
  • Have fun!

Targeted Endowed Chairs

  • Commercial
  • Heavy Civil/Heavy Highway
  • Residential/Development
  • Industrial/Utility
  • Specialty Contracting/Consulting
  • Construction Management/Project Controls

Endowed chairs, which are only possible through our industry support and generous donations, bring years of industry experience into the classroom. Endowments provide the opportunity for the department to enhance the learning environment by engaging industry professionals in our classrooms. It is the sharing of these first-hand experiences that brings the curriculum to life and motivates our students to excel.