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Industry/Alumni Ambassadors

CM Industry/Alumni Ambassadors serve as advocates and representatives of the CM program to support outreach initiatives and educate potential students and educators about career opportunities in construction. This is an excellent method of giving back to the CM program in its recruitment efforts while helping to educate future leaders in the construction industry!

Industry/Alumni Ambassador Registration Form

Possible Activities Include...


  • Research and provide information or ideas for specific middle and high school programs, classes, or organizations to which CM should reach out
  • Communication/correspondence with prospective and admitted students
  • Serve as a reference for prospective and admitted students with questions about the CM program or career opportunities in the industry


  • Give presentations at middle and high schools about careers in construction
  • Attend recruitment events to talk about careers in construction
  • Accompany CM faculty and staff to possible conferences or career fairs


  • Job shadow opportunities for prospective of Pre-CM students
  • Job site tours for prospective or Pre-CM students
  • Recruitment events for prospective students

Alumni and students on internship